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Dee Real


Southampton, Britain (UK)




My Name is Daryl Sothcott  (Dee Real)  and this is my testimony from being a lost soul to a new creation in the Lord Jesus Christ.


I became a born again Christian in December 2004, but leading up to this life changing night I was in a bad way. I was 28 when I became saved, but from the age of about 14-15 I began a life of alcohol and drugs, I was a good child for my parents up until this age, but I very quickly got into a rebellious way of thinking and a strong need to get drunk  smoke pot and hang around with friends that were also doing the same as me. 


 As time went by I started taking harder drugs and more frequently, eventually I ended up becoming addicted to alcohol and cannabis and needed them every day, I would take harder drugs through the week and particularly at the weekend, when I would be in party mode for the whole weekend and consume a lot of drugs and alcohol to try and stay constantly fuelled up. 


I have always been a music lover and played in many bands and eventually I started clubbing, DJ'ing and producing dance music when I was about 20 years old, for me at the time, clubbing music and drugs all went hand in hand and it was a way of life for me not just a recreational pastime.


In the next several years I found myself getting heavily dependant on drugs and alcohol and I didn't like the fact that I felt out of control, I tried quitting on a few occasions as I felt guilty about what and who I had become, but I could never last for more than a few days and I would end up going back into it again.


In the year 2000 I entered a relationship with a born again Christian and we fell in love, as the years went by she couldn't stand to see me getting wasted all the time and she wanted a man who loved the Lord and followed Him.   Eventually she had enough of my ways and although she really loved me she put Gods will before her own.  I didn't know this at the time but she had decided that she would give me up, she had prayed to God that she would give me, up even though she would be heart broken and she knew i would be, but she wanted a real man of God that loved Jesus, she also prayed that If I was the one for her that Jesus would let me see things through His eyes.


I was completely unaware of her feelings, her decision and the prayer that she prayed that night, I had gone out to a pub and then on to a friends house as I normally would on a weekend, going through the early hours of the morning, everyone was in full party mode and still going strong and constantly consuming all sorta.  At about 3 am I was suddenly within the blink of an eye made sober, and I mean completely sober, instantly I knew it was God and I felt His Power and Love, within about a minute I had what I can only describe as a massive download of information from God, as I watched my friends doing cocaine I could actually see that it was evil and that my friends could not get enough, then I realised that I could never get enough and that I was never satisfied and that is why I always needed more, It was amazing I was completely sober and buzzing with the Holy Spirit  and I knew it was God and that I was changed forever, all in about one minute.


I didn't stay at my friends house for much longer and walked home contemplating what God had just done for me and knowing my life had changed forever.

When I got home I woke up my girlfriend and told her what had happened, she didn't quite believe me at first as i had tried giving up drugs and alcohol a few times before, she didn't tell me what she had prayed that night or that she had decided to finish our relationship. 


The next day I woke up on fire for God, I was buzzing and even better I didn't need a beer or a joint of cannabis which I always did do, I just wanted to talk about Jesus.  My girlfriend started to think maybe I had been changed by God. As the next few days passed I had no will to touch a beer or any drugs, I knew I was changed supernaturally and I was so happy to feel free, by then my girlfriend knew that I had had a wake up call from God but in her eyes there was a big test coming up, the next weekend was coming and one of my friends was having a party, she wanted to see if I would get drunk or take drugs, sure enough though, I came back from the party completely straight and this is when she told me what she had prayed that night that I was delivered that is when I realised just how amazing the miracle was and that I was changed as a result of prayer and the fact she was prepared to give me up for God. This blew my mind as you can imagine but we knew we had both been truly blessed by The Lord Jesus.


As my new life began I learned a lot about my new faith and I even became more productive musically, the rest up until the present day is the life as a Christian, ups and downs, highs and lows, but it is an amazing life and God is so good.


Thank you for reading my testimony and I hope it inspires you and helps you to understand the Beauty and Graciousness of The Lord Jesus Christ.


God Bless You,


Daryl Sothcott.

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