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Radames Reyes


New York, New York


i was born again in 2001. Did not surrender my life completely to GOD, so i went back to the world. The enemy was giving me things that i wanted. One of them was spinning house music at a lounge in the city.Deep inside i felt something wrong, i felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit.Tired of the drugs and constant parties.I had enough of it....i remember taking a shower and it was there i got on my knees and asked Jesus Christ to forgive me and to have mercy on my soul. The magic word was I choose you my Lord do as you please. Next day everything was different, I called my partners of the monthly parties and told them I cant no longer do any parties without CHRIST invited.All i want to do is glorify my LOrd and Savior the remaining days of my life on earth. I want to proclaim the Lord thru my music....GOD IS AWESOME!!!!

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