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Afterglow finale: Deep Sessions part 1 taped 10-21-2012

Dj Pat D ending our year off with a bang. This brother came in and played an awesome set of deep house music to get up and praise God!! After Pat D's great set we had closing comments by MC A.J (host of Afterglow) amuse ( God's House Music and Afterglow ministry steward) and Pastor Dustin (resident pastor of Afterglow)

Afterglow Finale: Deep Sessions Part 2 taped 10-21-2012

​We had returning guest dj's Gilbert Roldan just continue the night bringing us deeper in Spirit with a blend of Gospel house that can't be missed. We had returning dj Paul Gordon just bringing fiyah till we could take no more. All I have to say is thank you Lord for making this ministry what it is!!!!

Afterglow Finale: Funky fresh for Christ 10-7-2012

Our last but not least dj of the night Mix Habit ended the night in true house haven flavor. Much blessing for an amazing year. Thank you Jesus!!!

Afterglow Reuben C. 9-16-2012

Returning guest dj Reuben C. brought fire back to the decks with a mixture of electro, deep, oldskool house.

Afterglow Finale: Funky fresh for Christ 10-7-2012

​ We had some great returning talent for this years part 1 ending. Check out dj Fierce as he opened up the show in fierce style. Second up on a great night of house music and fellowship was returning funky, disco house dj Slap Five with some serious grooves and to follow was a great message by Pastor Dustin entitled " Are we comfortable?" God bless all the djs and speakers who have blessed the Afterglow show. to edit me.

Slapfive was in the house, dropping some bombs on the 1200's with his very smooth mixing  style and great song selection guaranteed to get you moving. Our resident pastor Dustin Kelley brought a great word (Walking the walk) that is a must listen for all believers. and knowing Slap Five was playing tonight, amuse dug in his crate of goody a pulled out a flavor he calls (Techfunk to open the night. And to bring the energy as usual, M.C AJ did his thing on the mic.

Afterglow amuse, Pastor Dustin Kelley, Slap Five, MC A.J ​


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