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Donald M. Tapia
aka amuse

Ministry steward/Dj/producer
Covina, CA

When I was fourteen years old, my mother would take me to church (Calvary Chapel in Downey CA.) on Sundays. One day, I was led to give my life to Christ. I really didn't know all there was about being a Christian. I was a skater at the time and I would cut crosses out of my grip tape and paint crosses on the bottom of my boards. What I did know about Christ is that I wanted to share his love and who He was to with everyone. It wasn't till college that I started to drift away from the things of God and into the L.A party scene. I started going to clubs, warehouse parties and raves throughout southern California. Any party that had Steve Loria or Doc Martin (Unlock the house, Small factory of sound, Metropolis) playing, I was there. As for myself and many others in the underground dance music scene, I also found myself wrapped up in the drinking, drugs and whatever I could use to escape reality. Looking back, I can see how the devil had me just where he wanted. I was numb to everything and didn't even know it. Many times I escaped death by the grace of God and didn't even realize I would have died in my sins. In 96' I met wife to be at a rave in San Bernadino CA (I still believe to this day she was heaven sent). She helped me to get off the drinking and drugs. Being a true house head, I enjoyed just the unique sound house music had to offer, so we still  were going to raves and underground events but did not participate in the negative aspects of the scene. As I concentrated only on the music, I was drawn into djing. I've played from San Diego to Seattle WA., holding a couple of residencies, but nothing too big. I wasn't djing for fame or money but just true expression of what the music meant to me. In 2003, I heard God again calling me to stop running and hiding. He wanted me to give my life completely to Him and finally I did. As I prayed for what God had for me next, He put it on my heart in 2008 to preach the message of salvation and God's House Music would be the vessel to do so. This ministry was put in my heart to reach those House heads that I partied with and those now in the scene blinded by the drugs and immorality that the devil feeds them. We are here to use our talents we once used to entertain the world but now to shine Jesus’s light on the darkness of the underground scene around the world.

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