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​Bernardo Partida

Chapala, Jalisco (Mexico)


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1975 to an obssesive musical father. Grew up around records, K7s and later on cds of all kinds of music, my father specializing in classical and my older brother in soft-heavy metal and rock. The youngest of a conservative catholic family with a very devoted mother. Moved to San Diego, California when I was 8 and became friends with black kids for the first time and got in touch with hip hop, street culture and skateboarding. Bought my first walkman and tapes. Used to try to breakdance and embarrasing myself dressed up as Micheal Jackson with a silver thermal ski glove. Heavy influenced by star wars. I accepted Jesus in my heart with my teacher at this time but wasn't aware of what it meant and did my first communion in the catholic church. Went back to Mexico and then when I was 12 went to Wisconsin and got into freestyle bmx, the Violent Femmes and indie alternative music, specially punk and reggae. My teenage years where spent in the city and weekends at the beach where I learned and got passionate about surfing, "house" and "world" music from the realworld label. Had a few girfriends who were influenced by zen and buddism. Stop going to catholic church and started searching for my soul in alternative philosophies & art. Drank a lot of booze. At 19 moved back to San Diego and started getting into the local art and "house" scene, with djs Mark Farina and Doc Martin in "ole madrid" club and various house parties. Starting smoking weed. Went back to Mexico to study architecture and started getting more into djing and doing other drugs until one day back in San Diego, I had a mushroom overdose and died, there in the dead of night my spirit cried to God to save me from death and I saw a glorious light, the face of Jesus telling me "I am the God of the living and not of the dead and I will give you eternal life". I recovered my senses and started to search and know Jesus, reading my bible and going to biblestudy group. During this time I met my wife Noelle and we started getting discipled together and quit smoking after several failed attemps, we needed conviction, repentance and the power of God to get healed (it's been a process). I quit college during my last year and got more into djing although I had to quit djing & partying for some time as well.We got baptized, married and then went on to join "Youth with a Mission" Amsterdam to work as missionaries, pioneer a clubbing/djing ministry and today we have a 4year old son named Ian and a month old daughter Kaylah. We've gone to different nations to preach and disciple people and are planning on moving to Paris, France to continue the work of the University of the Nations. I've discovered that music and dance is a way of worship, it can be used to worship other "gods" and influenced by other spirits but should be used to worship the only worthy and true God the father and son JesusChrist, influenced by His Holy Spirit. I want to communicate this with my art. Know God and make Him known and that other djs can experience His power and love, mercy and grace. Take back what the enemy has stolen and redeem it, present it to God as praise and honor. I honestly could write a book with my bio and testimony but this is good for now.
Thanx & Shalom!


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