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                     MARCUS GIBSON

           Forest City North Carolina

Marcus Gibson was first introduced to Electronic dance music, drugs of all kinds and the rave scene back in 1999.  From the track he heard he was hooked, bass pounding in his chest and the euphoric feeling it gave him.  You could always find him at the front of the club watching the dj as he was so in tuned with every move he made, every track he played and his passion began to grow.  In 2003 he gave his life to Jesus and in return blessed him with the means to start a dj ministry in 2004 under the name DJ prodigal since he felt like he was like the prodigy son coming back home after being raised in a christian home all of his life but thought he knew best to go out on his own. Knowing nothing about how to dj, he taught himself how to spin on turntables, then moving on to cd's, then digital.

     His purpose was to minister to people of all ages through Electronic dance music, and share his passion and love for it. He did outreach events throughout his city and state of North Carolina.  He devoted his time on Thursdays to a Faith based recovery program  Restoration Celebration where he was the worship leader spinning a variety of christian music before and during the service for worship.  As a Recovering addict himself, he wanted to help others and show them there is a better way.

     Hitting a rough patch in life from 2011 - 2013 he had a eye opening experience and turned to God to relieve his pain, hurt, depressed way of life at that time. He gently picked him up and restored him back to his rightful place beside God. God told him he is going to be taken to the next level to work as a Dj . He dropped the name prodigal because this was a new chapter in his life, God gave him the name elevate cause he is going to the next level, a higher calling and purpose in his life. Elevate had a lot of time to catch up on in getting back in place as a christian dj, but it was worth it when all the blessing started to happen after years of preparation. Being hit with copyright on the name elevate he had to change the spelling to "EL3V8E."

     In 2017 he totally surrendered his DJ business to God and stop doing secular mobile djing and devoted all his time and effort in all ministry based djing. After that things started to happen , he was recently on Pinduca Scheffer Radio Show on ULTRA FM in Portugal. The show is centered around christian dance music and reaching the lost. Shortly after the show, he was asked to do a guest mix for a show called This is my House hosted by Dj I Rock Jesus. It wasn't long after the show the station that I Rock Jesus does a show on Crossover WWRB radio reached out and asked if he would like to have a show on there station spinning House music. He is the only dj spinning house music on the station so God has Really been Blessing

him and opening doors with multiple guest mixes from cedm remix, underground revival mk837 and more. He enjoys promoting for other artists and dJs that only proclaimed christianity. He now Dj's on a secular internet radio station "KTV radio" with 28 other dJs. His spot is everyday from 4-6 pm Est. where the world can hear positive uplifting vibes playing house and techno. This is his love and his passion anything House related he is down to spin.  Deep house, tech house soulful, gospel, Jacking and Future house and any form of techno are a few of his vibes , finding those hard to find christian tracks, remixes or those newly released bangers to include in his mixes to reach out to the lost.

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