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Marcuis Wade(dj Marcuis)
Washington, DC

​“Music is my life” is often an over using slogan. But being born into a musical family, this quote is a true attribute of Marcuis Wade, aka DJ Marcuis. It has been because of this early love of music that Marcuis ventured into the life of a DJ and producer. Getting his start as a college DJ at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, DJ Marcuis began performing at local college parties and nightclubs in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Being from the south, house music was never a main focus of DJ Marcuis. It was always about the urban. But after meeting his wife, house music became more of a staple in his sets. “My wife is a house head. She absolutely loves it. She would press me to play more of it. And the more I played it, the more I loved it.” It is the uniqueness of his house music selections that sets him apart from the majority of the DJ world. “I love to mix soulful and inspirational house music. I love the melodic baselines and strong vocals. This style of house music reminds me of my church roots. I know this style is different from the norm. I don’t just make or play music to be making or playing music. The music I play and produce has to have meaning . . . and purpose. My mission is to reach this generation through this style of music and to foster an inspirational house movement.” Since the mid 90′s, DJ Marcuis has spinning his special flavors of music in the US. In 1998, he opened Club Salt Shaker, the first of its kind in North Carolina. In 2001, DJ Marcuis created and launched the indepedently syndicated program “Cross Culture Radio”, a 2 hour radio show that featured the latest in soulful and inspirational house music seamless mixed on several radio and internet stations. Currently, he continues to promote and expand Cross Culture Radio in the US and abroad. DJ Marcuis launched Salt Shaker Records in 2010. This record label company is used to produce and promote his house music expressions. He has recently launched Afrika House Records, a new label created to bridge the gap between and co-mingle the house music styles of artists and producers from the USA and Africa. It is through these avenues that DJ Marcuis will fulfill his creed, “The world is my stage. House music is my voice. It’s time to be heard.”

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