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Dj Modulation
Tempe, AZ
Sandro Porres, a veteran of the dynamic Chicago music scene, is an acclaimed electronic dance music producer, remixer and DJ, who worked his way up the echelons of the Windy City's nightlife.He has composed, performed,  and recorded  music since age 11.  He comes from a musical family and has been around music and instruments his whole life.  He has been in several bands over the years and has also produced several albums. Some of his tracks have been remixed and released under Sheeva records and are available on Beatport.  He is currently working on remix or other artists as well as performing live.
I came to the Lord at age 6,  but by my late teens,  I rebelled and went into the world.  I repented a few times,  and fell back into the world a few times more. I then tried to walk with one foot in the word,  one foot in Christ.  That didn't work.  But I learned a lot! My musical pursuits have led me to live in mansions in Miami as a producer and on the beach in Encenitas California.  But I turned my back on all of that because the circumstances surrounding those opportunities involved too much worldliness. I am now fully into repentance, and humility and I hope to never,  ever slide back into the world again. God bless!


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