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Rafael Rodriguez

Dj Vertigo
Melbourne, FL

Rafael Leonardo Rodriguez entered the scene at the age of 16 in 1994 were he dosed himself with ecstacy and started beatmatching. After being a bedroom DJ and spinning at house parties, he made his move to Boston, MA, his place of birth. He was asked to play at an afterhours radio show at MIT, called 'Transition Radio' from 2am - 6am hosting big name DJ's from around the world after their gigs at the clubs. The host Pistol Pete recognized Rafael's capabilities and made him a resident. He spun with the likes of Adam and Trixie Warp, Dylan Drazen, Bingus Kahn, and Curtis Atchinson in the same field as John Debo in about 1996-97. He also made a huge kick in the scene as he rocked the movement at outlaw parties and gatherings. Known as DJ Vertigo, he made a name for himself spinning Ambient to Hard Techno. He later, after impacting the Boston Beat underground movement, traveled to the Mid-West where he continued playing at private venue events and get togethers. Returning to Florida, he decided to tour the United States spinning with the likes of Divine Rhythm, Cloudburst and at a event with Studio 54's Scott Blackwell. Durring that time he found his niche of Minimal Tech House. Upon his return, DJ Vertigo changed his name and continued spinning at Rave's and events under the alias 'Unnatural Vehicles of Light.' After a few years of that, Rafael settled on the name 'DJ N.O.S.' as a Deep / Progressive DJ. Living in Melbourne, FL, he has a weekly at a 'House of Joe' on Monday nights from 7pm-11pm. He now finds himself called to be recognized by playing in the same venues as Trancelott, Stryke, Jason Dunne, and Miguel Alvarez. Be sure to add him as a rocker, mover and shaker in the EDM scene. Oh, and needless to say he uses no longer but is changed! Now Dj Vertigo

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