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Soundcheck is a service that seeks to care for and support DJs, producers, artists and industry professionals. It is a practical response to the struggles of mental health and wellbeing faced by many who work in the music industry.

Based on a model of chaplaincy, we aim to provide a safe space and pastoral care for those who need to talk and be heard, without judgement and in full confidence.

Our chaplains are qualified, trained and experienced. All have extensive experience in the music industry and strong links to the music scene.

All of our services are provided free of charge. However, if you would like to support our ministry, you can donate at the link in the menu.

For our Deep4Jesus 009 We are very blessed to present Unity Collective: a collection of individual musical efforts to give praise and glory to God. For their first release, we bring you "Retreat". A deep, melodic synth infused journey with varying percussion accents and a vocal lead that invites worship. At first listen, you will notice something truly special. To add an even deeper vibe, amuse offered his personal touches on this amazing release. We hope you experience this release on a more deeper spiritual level.
is time set apart
to be in quiet,
rest, and solitude with God.
 Removes us from noise and distraction,
and into a place of
spiritual refreshing
and renewing.
It is a way of entering
 into the presence of God,
and allowing him to nourish our soul.
For this release proceeds are going to Soudcheck ministries. If you would like to donate, please use button below. Thank you
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