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Love Agency/Dj Feliz/Leo Garcia
San Diego, CA

My name is Leo Garcia aka Love Agency. Love Agency is a music production made with compassion for the fatherless. I believe that I was given a talent from above. My mission is to use my talent to provide for orphans and their needs. A big percentage of the purchases will be donated to an orphanage around the world. I'm just a pilgrim on a journey passing through trying to share the Love given to me. I have been in the scene since 1994, Promoting and bringing the Techno scene to Yuma, AZ/San Luis Mexico with my cousin Joshua Covarrubias aka (DJ Wonder) Under the party crew name Los Malvados. Moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1996 and continued to follow the passion I have for music and the Dance Music Culture. We changed the name to AZTEK Tribe and through Desert Party Raves. Truly what inspired me to Dj was watching Doc Martin Extraordinary Sunrise Set at Juju beats 1998. After that I made it a goal to learn how to DJ. I began producing my own tracks since 2001 and in 2002 I moved to San Diego, in search of a new life. Indeed I found Christ in December 2003 my life is definitely new and filled with His Love and Purpose. I've continued Deejaying in San Diego, Burning Man, Tahiti and Mexico. Traveling the world has allowed me to be grateful for what I do have and have made it a purpose to use my music and skills to raise money for orphanages around the world. This year I will be releasing Tracks with Tekfunk Music, San Diego's Techno, Tech & Acid House Music label  Featuring artist like Victor John, Android Cartel, Kekclip, Andor & Dimit, Shagghie & Matthew Hyatt. Those of you who believe in the power of prayer. Please pray that the Love and Grace of Jesus would spread through the sound waves and rythyms flowing through speakers around the world and the needs of the orphans will be met.

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