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MixHabit a.k.a. DJ Miles

Highland, cA

I am a mobile DJ. In this line of work you need to have a good partner to assist in setup, tear down and occasionally take over when a break is needed. My partner is my life partner, my wife Lily. Her support of us doing Dj gigs has been great. I have always loved music and I can't see my life without the influence of music. I grew up during the 80's, around the Inland Empire. Music and dancing on street corners, crews, graffiti and my Adidas was everywhere. I loved that time. Music was my nitch, I owned a Conion C-100F Ghetto Blaster. I loved that stereo. I had the best sounds in the hood, until my radio got jacked. I began to go astray in my youth and eventually got caught up in the madness of darkness. I say darkness because when I look back, that is what I remember. My life was filled with days that seemed dark and overcast. I have a praying mother and God heard her prayers for me. He reached into darkness and pulled me out. Don’t misunderstand, as a believer, I am not perfect and I never will be this side of heaven. I do know a man that is perfect. He died so I could live outside the darkness. Afterglow is like a rare jem of music, hard to find. I love DJing with them. It is a positive habit that became part of me. I wanted to DJ in an atmosphere that gives God respect and honor, that is what GHM Live is all about and I’m proud to be part of the Afterglow Family!


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