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​DJ Rico Flores


Long Branch, New Jersey

I was in the nite club scene for over 20 years doing house/club/dance music.... when i became a single father I left the flub scene and raised my kids... leaving the club scene behind.... coming from a family of music...i always was involved in one way or another in music...soon enuff my sons started becoming involved in music... and they started producing , and of coarse Dad helped out... then one day they brought a set of turntables into the studio and hooked up serato to em....... with a new heart and new vision the Lord led me back to my love and has turned this ol niteclub Jock from luring em to the dance floor.... to luring em to the Jesus where the Holy Spirit is checkin ID's and giving out VIP status. Psalm 149 says in it to praise the Lord with your dance!! IM here to make you do just that. so lets get it, cause... in Jesus name I PLAY!!

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