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Michael "The Councelor" Lichtl

West L.A

Growing up in west Los Angeles in Culver City/Venice Beach CA and also Orange County, I was around a lot of art, music and different cultures everyday. Growing up in a Christ centered home, kept me rooted in God, but little did I know, it came with trials and craziness! My passion for music started truthfully when I was born. I am from a family that loves music especially my Mother who raised me. I was exposed to all different types of sound, rhythm, dancing, musical love and art when i was a child. My mom is an artist as well. My earthly father was not in the picture. He was battling his own war on drugs. I had never met or seen him, but I knew he was in a war. In elementary school kids would ask me. "Where is your dad?" I would answer. "He died in a war." Unknowing of why I was truly saying what i said, I believe God gave me the grace and peace to say that as a child.
     In the summer of nineteen ninety nine, I was introduced to the rave scene. By this time, I was already a "TECH" lover! I went to this party and it was one of the most beautiful but horrific things I've ever seen before! I was a christian at that time. I saw God's beauty but also the deception of the devil. The music, the lights and the Love I felt was real!!! I began immerse myself in the Los Angeles, underground scene and even further inland with the "burner scene" e.g.-dessert parties and such. I had nothing to do with drugs and alcohol. I was a completely sober raver from about fourteen years old all the way up till twenty two years of age and I was raving hard every week!! Non stop but drug free! Every one knew me in the scene. I was cool with EVERYBODY. I lead some ravers to Christ and that was all fine and dandy, till one day. I was twenty two years old and in Hollywood Ca. There, I found myself in bad company and temptation was heavy. There, I fell into temptation and took my first drugs. From that moment, satan had a strong grip on me, so strong that i knew from the first time I ever held the drug in my hand i was hooked! Time went on and I was doing drugs almost everyday. Now at this point, the music was dying out to me, parties were no longer beautiful love and I began to hate everything. I could not understand why people enjoyed parties and the music. I wanted the love again but couldn't on drugs! it made no sense and neither did life for me then. I felt as if God had just left me and I was completely satans and life was over, so I continued taking more and more drugs. Its hard for me to write this because it makes me sick but I will finish for His glory! My entire drug life felt like twenty years but it was only one year and one month. By the end of my drug life, I was at a warehouse party in SAN DIEGO, Ca. I took way to much drugs that night and my heart started to go crazy! I was sure that i was going to die that night or at least be dead by morning. I was so calm . I told my worried friends "It's ok if I die because i wil be in heaven." Wow, satan had such a grip on me! We left the party and drove back to L.A. I was dropped off at home. My heart was still going nuts and my mother was home. I walked in and gave her a hug and said I am going to go to sleep. She had no idea that I seriously was thinking I might never wake up. I went to sleep and hours later I woke up! It scared me, because I had no idea if I was dead or alive for a moment until I got up went into the bathroom and saw my mom walk through the door. At that very moment, I went back in my room and prayed and asked for forgiveness and asked God to please take away the urge and longing to do drugs. I hate them. Ever since that moment, I never touched drugs again! God truly took them away but i still had to deal with the consequences of my actions. I had horrible anxiety attacks for a while but Gods mercy and grace helped me to deal with it. I am now healed of that as well. I remember diagnosing myself with" GENERAL ANXIETY DISORDER" When i was healed of this anxiety, I wrote a blog called (oh my GAD) helping other with the same disorder. This also helped heal me as well.
     I was no longer going to parties and wanted nothing ever to do with the rave scene. But the music, oh man the MUSIC, was coming back to me in it's pure form again. The love, the great rhythms, the truth and clarity was back in the music. I am dancer so i was dancing again! Djing has been a part of my life since I was fourteen years old and house music has always been my groove! I was taught by the old skool so I remain OLD SKOOL with a new skool twist. I now play and create music for my Father in heaven in hopes that lives will be touched by doing so. I'm sure this was a lot to read but there will be more to come for this is what I was lead to write! I LOVE YOU. KEEP MOVIN AND GROOVIN AND PRAISEN....HOUSE BABY...ITS A FEELING!!!

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